James Braidford and His Daughter
My daughter and me at Lake Tahoe

Hi, my name is James Braidford and I am so glad you have visited my website.

I grew up in a tough neighborhood of Sacramento, sharing a one-room Section 8 apartment with my parents and three siblings. Unlike other high school kids with all the unconditional love of the world, I started to mow people’s yards to help my broke parents when I was 14. I dove in headfirst to learn all I could about self development and wished one day I could have a happier life.

Many people have a hard time living happily. They are stuck in a rut, or unhappy with their current job, relationship, or life in general. Because their mind is so focused on what they don’t have, they are unable to be happy, especially when they are constantly comparing their life to their neighbor’s. In order to live happily, you must live mindfully.

Living mindfully is a practice, and it’s a practice that will have an impact on every aspect of your life. By living mindfully, you will be able to see the world with a fresh new perspective. You will be able to appreciate all of the things you have in your life. You will stop comparing yourself to others. You will see the positive in every negative situation. You will be able to live happily.

There are so many things that we can do to improve our lives. But the most important one is to realize that we don’t live in a vacuum, and everything we do affects everything else in our lives. For instance, if you have a stressful job, you will probably have a hard time in your personal life as well. If you want to be healthy, you have to eat well and exercise. If you want to be happy, you also have to be happy in your workplace. It’s a chain reaction, a circle.

I am a believer and I believe that God originally intended for human relationships to serve as a conduit by which you and I experience love. As you receive and give it out, you actively discover the power of God’s love in a real way. God loves you, but you need tangible expressions of love on this planet to give you a reference for what His love looks like.

Earthly relationships are meant to give you a reference and model of the love that God has for each of us. The invisible God chose to make Himself visible through the relationships in your lives. This is where we can have some of our greatest experiences and also our deepest wounds.

I hope that you enjoyed my articles and if you ever need any advice regarding living happily or even religious views, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help!

James Braidford, Co-owner of Living Happily LLC

Below is my latest religious study:

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James Braidford